ESL Teacher's Classroom Toolbox

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Are your favorite activities getting tired?
Maybe it’s time for a quick refresher.

Most English teachers have a go-to list of favorite classroom activities. The tried and tested word games, pair work activities and conversation worksheets that always work well and help students learn English. Eventually, it’s time for a change. Something new and invigorating.

That’s what this ebook does for ESL teachers. Freshen up your teaching repertoire with 36 multi-skill activities that prepare you for the demands of just about any ESL classroom situation.

9 SKILLS-BASED WRITING ACTIVITIES. No boring five-paragraph essay questions here. These activities engage creative thinking and build specific composition skills.

9 SPONGE ACTIVITIES. Ready to use teaching resources when you have an expected gap. This ain’t no filler: educate, stimulate and motivate with a mix of puzzles, discussion exercises, video lessons and a dash of inspiration.

9 WORD GAMES AND PUZZLES. No hangman here. These worksheets help ESL students learn vocabulary with a focus on high frequency words while expanding their imagination and improving fluency.

9 PAIR WORK (AND MORE) ACTIVITIES. Generate loads of meaningful input and output and, occasionally, provide students with motivation. Great for pairs, small groups and large classes.

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